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David Karsenty

French artist, DAVID KARSENTY follows the path of Pop-Art and its iconic figure that is Andy Warhol, adding contributions from the medium of graffiti and street-art.

Inspired by the new icons of contemporary culture, he revisits an over-mediated world to decode the reading, taking over from their elders. In his paintings he sometimes slides a pinch of hair-to-scratch and some onomatopoeia.
Revisiting the figures and icon of the new pop culture of the world of music, film, fashion and even more generally the artistic world. Thus, it protects them from an avalanche of signs and colored symbols coming from the street-art sometimes going until saturation.

At a time when the image, the Show Business and social networks, more generally the communication occupy more and more important places, it is easy to understand how much it fascinates David Karsenty. These images anchored in our unconscious decrypted and diverted are at the heart of the questioning of the artist.

He then makes the subject of an obsessional pictorial quest marrying several modes of expression: from the canvas to the digigraphie, through the works on paper, whether multiple or original.

Shot towards an audience of young French and European collectors, Karsenty has a certain fascination for the images that have entered our collective unconscious. For this the artist uses in his painting some figures from comics or cartoon US. Thus he declines the effigy of heroes like Mickey Mouse, Pinocchio or Snow White adorned with symbols or words in the eyes of Karsenty.

<SOCULT> iconographer of style questions the hegemony of networks.